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“Small, dedicated teams of empowered individuals can outperform large organizations driven by top-down leadership. Kyle and Chris provide strategic objectives for creating a culture of empowerment and self-leadership, making the book a valuable resource for those looking to transform their organizational culture”


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Our team specializes in supporting companies in achieving increased profitability through organizational culture improvement and scaling the culture.

Our expertise and experience can greatly benefit companies of all sizes in navigating the complexities of leadership evolution and fostering self-led teams. Our approach focuses on empowering individuals, cultivating a collaborative and innovative environment, and driving sustainable growth.

By working together, we can unlock the full potential of your organization and enhance its performance in today's dynamic landscape.


Ignite a culture of excellence within your team through our compelling speaking services, emphasizing leadership and collaboration and whatever else you may want us to addresss. We have done it all - big events, panel discussions and Q and A sessions.


Spend a day immersed in our workshops! We're all about aligning everyone, packed with insights, story telling, group discussion, and lots of fun.


Want to learn from an award-winning CEO and Navy SEAL? Or wrap up your month with a conversation with a C-Suite expert. A monthly 1:1 coaching and leadership coaching contract can make an immediate impact on your businesses and professional goals.


Introducing CultureForce's performance management software: your ultimate tool to build an exceptional workforce! Unlock unprecedented productivity and growth by measuring, cultivating, and enhancing your organizational culture with precision and expertise. See more here.


The SEALs and great business leaders know that putting several minds together to discuss a problem often yields solutions that far outweigh what anyone could have come up with on their own. Let's join together, and inspire one-another.

“At the heart of every

workplace, there's an

untapped reservoir of potential, patiently waiting for release

Let's unleash that power together.”

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We use our strategy to define your team's unique strengths and goals, ensuring every member understands their role and how they contribute to the collective vision.


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By crafting bespoke training programs, we fortify your team's growth, honing their skills and forging a unified force ready to overcome any obstacle.

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Our approach sustains your team's momentum by implementing continuous support systems, ensuring long-term success and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.

Meet The Team

Kyle Buckett

Kyle is a steadfast idealist who envisions a bright future and believes in our collective ability to build it through strong cultures. As the co-author of the best-selling book "Leadership is Overrated" with Chris Mefford.

Kyle's mission is to refine and create positive environments that attract top talent, forming elite teams that elevate organizations. He believes that elite organizations striving for excellence can make the world a better place.

With a vision to revolutionize business practices, Kyle and his team collaborate with leaders across industries to transform company culture and improve the working world.

As a retired Navy SEAL leader, board member, and PubCo executive, he has observed that the greatest historical movements were led by self-led teams. Kyle is passionate about the people and organizations that make lasting impacts and has dedicated his life to inspiring others to do the same.

Navy SEAL (Retired)

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Chris Mefford

Chris Mefford is a transformative leader and

best-selling author known for creating self-leading teams in business. His book Leadership is Overrated - reaching #1 on Amazon for both Leadership and Business Team’s Categories, co-authored with Kyle Buckett. At the Dave Ramsey organization, Chris drove growth from 100 to 1,000 employees and significantly expanded its radio show's reach.

He has led three different organizations to win Best Workplace a combined total of 15 times, demonstrating his unmatched ability to help leaders engage with their teams.

Committed to philanthropy, he works with The Honor Foundation and The Salvation Army.

Chris holds an MBA from the University of Windsor and leadership certificates from Harvard. His mission is to inspire, lead by example, and drive meaningful change in every endeavor.

Author and Award-Winning Business Executive

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Tom Kereszti

Tom is a renowned industry influencer, author, speaker, advisor, coach, and mentor. As co-founder of Culture Force, he helps organizations build intentional, value-driven cultures. With over 25 years of experience as a former Fortune 500 C-suite executive, CEO, and board member, Tom has led global teams across various industries. He is also a best-selling author, keynote speaker, strategic advisor, and executive coach dedicated to mentoring and empowering leaders.

Throughout his career, Tom has excelled in merging and acquiring companies, restructuring, turning around businesses, and even funding startups from his own resources.

He has a proven track record of transforming organizations through servant leadership principles rooted in biblical foundations. As a certified coach, speaker, and trainer at Maxwell Leadership, mentored by John Maxwell, and a DISC certified consultant, Tom brings a wealth of expertise.

He is also a Wharton Fellow with an MBA and a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.

Tom's book, "C-Suite and Beyond: The Four Keys to Leadership Success," reflects his mission to help leaders solidify their strengths, build winning teams, become profitable, and realize their true leadership potential. His influence spans multiple countries and continents, making him a sought-after speaker and mentor globally.

Author and C-Suite Expert

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Danny Fieger

Danny is an accomplished former Navy SEAL and organizational change consultant with a rich background in leadership, management, and instruction. With experience spanning military engagements and corporate sectors, Danny has led skilled teams through global projects, demonstrating an exceptional ability to navigate international cultures and maintain strong relationships.

His expertise in managing substantial inventories underscores his proficient management skills, while his adaptability in high-pressure environments showcases his problem-solving prowess.

As an empathetic mentor, Danny excels in teaching complex concepts with high proficiency. His military career is marked by distinguished service as a primary medic in Iraq, an intelligence lead, and an instructor of advanced land warfare tactics for Navy SEAL candidates.

Additionally, Danny played a crucial role in the selection process of SEAL candidates and led reconnaissance operations. His educational achievements include graduating with a 4.0 GPA in Organizational Leadership from the University of Charleston, West Virginia. Danny's dedication to improving team effectiveness and empowering individuals highlights his commitment to leadership and development.

Navy SEAL (Retired)

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San Diego, CA

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Telephone: (415) 793-4509